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’90 Day Fiancé’ Tell All Leak – Aladin Demands Divorce from Laura


Leaks from the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Tell All keep coming and the latest involves Laura Jallali and Aladin Jallali, her son Liam and a divorce demand.

Earlier this week Champion Daily brought you a preview of Laura’s son Liam flying all the way to Qatar to meet Aladin, and things got off to an awkward start.

After Liam arrived, Laura, 51, is in tears now that her son is in Qatar. After flying all the way there to meet the Aladin, 29, the person his mother is in love with. “It is a bit awkward,” Liam says in the preview, “I’m definitely interested in seeing what kind of person he really is and how well he treats my mother.” Liam clearly has some hesitations about Aladin’s intentions.

Aladin does not seem to be blown away by Liam. “My first impression, it’s, like, I feel like he’s awkward, you know?” Aladin says. Although Aladin tries to make some progress and asked Liam to meet family. Liam says no, saying he’s “very tired” after his long flight. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more awkward! Aladin is a little caught off guard by Liam’s rejection.

Now in an exclusive leak from the Tell All it appears things between Aladin and Liam are still not seeing eye-to-eye. is reporting that a source close to production says that there was a lot of intense emotions at the Tell All. After episodes aired showing Laura Jallali talking smack about Aladin Jallali’s jiggy jiggy skills, things went bad for the pair on social media.

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Aladin’s Instagram account was suddenly Laura-free, even today. But Laura’s Instagram has lots of Aladin pics, even now. Then, came the divorce rumors and lots of IG anger.

Aladin quipped online about banging Laura like a “screen door in a hurricane”. Then, when asked whether they were divorcing, he said to watch the show. I

n the meantime, Laura Jallali jumped into an Insta live with Aladin Jallali’s brother and accused her husband of cheating on her and calling him disgusting.

But the Tell All promises even more split chatter among these two.

Laura didn’t come to the show alone, her son Liam joined her. With Aladin Jallali live on video chat he inevitably, demanded a divorce from Laura during the Tell All.

Our source said he stunned Laura completely. And making things worse, her son Liam laughed out loud when Aladin said he wanted a divorce. In fact, our source said Laura and Liam were not on the same page when the cameras weren’t rolling because her son kept laughing at inappropriate moments.

So is it over for good for them?

Laura Jallali posted a pic of them on her Instagram. The photo looks brand new of her with her hubby Aladin Jallali out and about in Qatar.

So, despite the ups and down, it may be that Laura and her man are still living their happily ever after, despite things looking rough for them at The Other Way Tell All.

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