’90 Day Fiance’ Star Anna-Marrie Campisi Denies Rumors She Fakes Mursel Mistanoglu’s Return From Tur

While Anna Is Excited For Mursel’s Return, It’s Not The Case For Anna’s Eldest Child Joey Who Is Against His Mother Going Forward With Her Marriage With Mursel.

Amid speculations that Mursel Mistanoglu’s return to the U.S. was all fake story for ratings and he never returned to Turkey in the first place, “90 Day Fiance” star Anna-Marie Campisi has set the records straight. She decided to end the rumors for once and all during her recent Instagram Live broadcast.

During the broadcast, a fan asked the Bellvue, Nebraska native, “Is it true Mursel never left to Turkey?” The 38-year-old TLC personality then responded, “Mursel did leave to turkey. It’s really true.”

It was revealed in the Sunday, January 26 episode of the network’s hit reality show that Mursel would soon reunite with Anna as he’s set to return to the U.S. after leaving for Turkey. Mursel shared that his parents changed their minds after he told them that he still loves Anna, and his same K-1 visa was amazingly approved and he was headed back to the United States.

“When Mursel left to go back to Turkey, I was really heartbroken and he called me saying that his parents said that we could get married,” she explained in the episode. “I was in disbelief and I guess I just, in that moment I was so angry at him for leaving. But, you know, I still love him.”

“It doesn’t really happen often but you may be able to come back on the same K-1 visa,” Anna explained. “Like, I can’t believe we’re even getting an opportunity for this interview. This whole thing is just crazy.”

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While Anna was excited for Mursel’s return, it was not the case for Anna’s eldest child Joey. He was against the reconciliation even though Anna’s two younger sons, Gino and Leo, said they were OK with the wedding being back on. Joey said he didn’t even want to attend, in addition to telling TLC cameras that he felt like his mother was making a mistake.

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