’90 Day Fiance’ star Anna defends Mursel’s return to Turkey amid rumors it was faked for drama

90 Day Fiance star Anna Campisi has shot down rumors the TLC show staged Mursel Mistanoglu’s return to Turkey for drama.

As shown on 90 Day Fiance’s seventh season, Mursel decided to leave the United States and return to his home country of Turkey before his K-1 visa’s 90 days in America were up in order to satisfy his parents, who disapproved of him marrying Anna since she has children from a previous relationship.

Mursel was shown saying that once he arrived back in Turkey and talked to his parents about his genuine love for Anna, they changed their minds and he submitted a request for his K-1 visa to be reissued.

After an alleged interview with the U.S. Embassy., Mursel appeared to have his K-1 Visa reissued in no time at all even though only a couple of days remained before it would expire — leaving 90 Day Fiance viewers skeptical of whether he ever truly returned to Turkey to begin with.

But Anna insisted during a recent Instagram Live session the storyline was real and authentic, In Touch Weekly reported.

In a Q&A with fans, one of Anna’s followers reportedly asked her, “Is it true Mursel never left to turkey?”

And then the Nebraska native responded, “Mursel did leave to turkey. It’s really true,” according to In Touch.

This wouldn’t be the first time the 90 Day Fiance franchise has been accused of faking drama for entertainment.

Stephanie Woodcock — the grandmother of Robert’s son Bryson — alleged the checkbook scene in Sunday night’s episode in which she was shown offering Anny up to $15,000 to return to the Dominican Republic was “fake” and “scripted.”

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And on Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance, Colt Johnson claimed Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores had allowed producers to stage the scene in which Fernanda was shown flipping out at Jonathan at a club after he was spotted talking to another woman.

As fans may recall, Fernanda caught a blonde woman trying to dance with her then-fiance, and so she threw a drink in the woman’s face and screamed at Jonathan in the parking lot outside for being careless and disrespectful.

“Humm, didn’t I see you throw water at a paid actress’s face and almost assault her in a painfully obvious staged and fraud scene at a night club last week?” Colt asked on Instagram late last year.

On Sunday night’s episode of 90 Day Fiance’s seventh season, Anna was shown waiting for Mursel’s phone call after he left America.

An on-screen graphic then revealed the following to viewers: “Anna called the production crew last night. Mursel told her that he wants to return to America… Mursel has an interview with the U.S. Embassy, requesting his K-1 Visa be reissued.”

Anna said she was really heartbroken when Mursel returned to Turkey, but once he arrived to his home country, his parents apparently had a change of heart and gave Mursel their blessing to marry Anna, despite the fact she has three young sons.

“We argued for a very, very long time,” Mursel admitted. “So I was in total shock when they told me I could actually marry Anna.”

Mursel said it was probably his mother who changed her mind first and came up with the idea because she felt sorry for her son.

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Mursel therefore decided to return to America, but Anna believed it was a long shot for him to travel on the same K-1 visa. Regardless, Anna was so grateful they could at least try for it, and she maintained high hopes.

Suddenly, Mursel called Anna and revealed his visa had been approved. Anna expressed how she was so happy, and then Mursel shared he’d leave Turkey in two days. In fact, Mursel had already bought his ticket to America.

Mursel gushed about how he’s “very lucky with official documents,” and Anna admitted she was in “disbelief” upon hearing the news.

Anna and Mursel exchanged professions of love, but the couple would be in a race to wed within hours of Mursel’s arrival — before midnight — in the United States.

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