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’90 Day Fiance’ spoilers: Are Emily and Sasha still together? What’s the latest on the ’90 Day Fiance’ couple?

90 Day Fiance couple Emily Larina and Sasha Larin got married on Season 7 of the TLC reality series, so did the couple’s marriage last or have they called it quits? What’s the latest on their relationship?

[90 Day Fiance Spoilers Warning: This article contains spoilers revealing the current status of 90 Day Fiance couple Emily Larina and Sasha Larin’s relationship and if they are still together].

Emily, a 29-year-old from Portland, OR, and Sasha, a 32-year-old from Moscow, Russia, starred on the seventh season 90 Day Fiance, which just wrapped on February 9 on TLC. (But the Tell-All special has yet to air).

Emily met Sasha, a personal trainer, when she joined a gym in Russia, where she was living after finishing college. The couple began dating in June 2016, according to Starcasm.

As they dated, Emily was able to tutor Sasha in English, and then Sasha proposed marriage in an elevator after the pair ordered takeout one night. They reportedly announced their engagement on Facebook on February 27, 2017.

After a couple of years together, Emily got pregnant and she submitted an application for Sasha’s K-1 visa so they move to the United States together.

But Sasha brought a lot of baggage into the relationship considering he already had two ex-wives. He had welcomed a son with each of his two exes.

“Sasha just made mistakes in the past and he happened to marry those mistakes, but we’re different. Our relationship it perfect,” Emily said in a TLC video.

Although there was a pattern of Sasha getting women pregnant and the relationships falling apart, Emily insisted, “I am going to be Sasha’s third wife. This is his third child with another woman, but we’re going to last.”

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Emily’s family was concerned Sasha would eventually leave her for Wife No. 4 and she’d be stuck raising a child alone, but Emily had confidence in Sasha and their relationship. Sasha also promised he’s “actually a good guy.”

But Sasha’s first ex-wife felt differently, as she told the cameras, “Sasha and I dated for a year. Then we were married for a year and got divorced because he met his second wife. She got pregnant, and he came to me and said, ‘I want a divorce.'”

Masha wasn’t happy about the idea of Sasha leaving the country when he had two other children to worry about and take care of. She called him a selfish man.

“Where the wind blows… a man flies,” Masha vented to 90 Day Fiance’s producers. “His family will not keep him. His children will not keep him… Men only think about themselves.”

“I don’t know if Sasha will leave Emily the way he left his first two wives. He left me for his second wife,” Masha told the cameras.

“She was also good, kind, calm. But still, he left her for his third. I think America is the next step forward in his life. And Emily is just an excuse.”

Emily later welcomed her son with Sasha in a Russian hospital via Caesarean section because the baby was not positioned correctly to be delivered the natural way.

Sasha, who remained by Emily’s side throughout her labor and delivery, cried when he saw his son for the first time and called him “perfect.” The couple named the baby boy David.

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When Sasha’s K-1 visa to come to America was finally approved, unfortunately, he and Emily were still waiting for their son’s Russian passport.

Six months of time had passed following David’s birth, and Emily couldn’t help feeling a little resentful because Sasha hadn’t applied for the passport right when their son was born like he was supposed to.

Emily admitted she and Sasha fought often about his mistake.

Emily was also exhausted from taking care of the baby all on her own since Sasha apparently worked “all the time” from to 11PM. Emily said she and Sasha had no time as a couple and she felt very isolated and alone. Emily was also sad Sasha hadn’t been able to bond with his child.

Emily said Sasha spent about five hours a week with his son, so she was worried Sasha may not be able to handle the responsibilities of being a father while she works a day job in America.

Emily pointed out Sasha had a lot to learn — from changing diapers to taking the baby on daytime strolls.

“Speak to him, play with him. He can’t just be in the chair all day,” Emily said.

“Okay. Do I have a choice?” Sasha asked.

Sasha thought Emily was worrying too much and he didn’t deserve to be nagged. He thought she was constantly finding reasons to argue, which is what happened in one of his past relationships when a child was welcomed into the picture.

Despite their issues, Emily and Sasha finally headed to the airport for their flight to America.

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“Everything will be fine,” Sasha’s father told him while they embraced goobye. “We all love you. You did all this. Everything is for a reason. It’s not in vain, understand? You grab your luck and you hold it.”

Sasha promised his parents that he wouldn’t let them down, and then his father said, “We want you to live a good normal life. Not like we do here.”

Once in the United States, Emily and Sasha temporarily moved in with Emily’s sister Betsy, but Betsy and Sasha bumped heads and didn’t get along.


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