’90 Day Fiance’ spoilers: Are Avery Mills and Omar Albakour still together? Is the ’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ couple still married?

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days just featured Avery Mills and Omar Albakour enjoying their first night together as a married couple, but they got into an argument the very next day — so did they split and break-up or are they still together? And did Avery ever move to Syria?

[90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Spoiler Warning: Please stop reading if you do not want to find out the current status of Avery Mills and Omar Albakour’s relationship, whether they are still together or decided to call it quits at some point after their wedding, and where they appear to currently be living].

Avery, a 19-year-old former Christian who recently converted to Islam from Columbus, OH, and Omar, a 24-year-old Muslim man from Syria, met on a Muslim dating app.

Avery — who lived with her mom Teri, stepdad, five siblings and grandparents prior to meeting Omar — was a cheerleader and gymnast who dressed sexy and liked attention before she decided to flip her life upside down and convert to Islam in order to show off her inner rather than outer beauty.

Avery claims she had converted to Islam six months before meeting Omar, whom she thought had “a beautiful heart.”

Omar’s profile initially said he lived in America, but once Avery found out he was living in Syria, she continued with the relationship anyway.

Since a war is going on in Syria, Avery’s loved ones feared Omar’s intentions and Avery’s future with him, but she was “already hooked.”

After just one month of talking, Omar asked Avery to marry him, and he sent her an engagement ring in the mail.

Avery therefore planned to fly to Lebanon to finally meet her fiance in person and get married. The couple decided on Lebanon since it would be a safer, nicer place to meet for the first time.

Teri was afraid for her daughter because she had only gotten to know her fiance online, but Avery trusted Omar and hoped to bring him to the United States on a visa between 9 months and three years due to the travel ban from Syria.

Teri feared Omar was using her daughter just to come to the United States and accused Avery of becoming a different person for this man. Avery’s brother even joked Avery had a habit of coming up with wild plans, such as being a vegetarian, only to sneak fried chicken up to her room.

Avery’s family clearly had no faith her relationship was going to work out, and Teri wanted her daughter to remain in the United States with her.

But Avery is apparently strong willed and hard-headed, so Teri decided to travel with Avery to Lebanon to make sure she’s safe since she couldn’t talk her daughter out of her plans.

Little did Teri know, however, Avery’s long-term plan was to live in Syria with Omar after marrying him until his spousal visa to come to the U.S. gets approved. Omar, a dentist, had two years of schooling left in order to become an oral surgeon.

“I don’t think I can be apart from him for however long this visa takes,” Avery said.

Avery knew it was crazy she’d be moving to an active warzone, but she said no one would be able to change her mind. She loved Omar, and that’s all there was to it.

Avery and Omar certainly had hurdles to overcome, such as Omar forgiving Avery’s dating history before she converted to Islam. She worried she wasn’t good enough for him, and she wanted to be the perfect girl and Muslim wife.

One day before traveling to Lebanon, Avery gushed about how Omar was “the perfect person.”

Once Avery and Teri arrived in Lebanon after about 30 hours of travel, Avery’s luggage was lost and her phone went missing somewhere along the way, but she was more than thrilled to jump into Omar’s arms.

Omar — who called Avery his “soul mate” — was waiting for her in the airport with a big, beautiful bouquet of red roses.

The pair embraced and Avery gushed about how Omar was so “cute” and “handsome,” and he agreed Avery was even “more beautiful” in person.

He then brought Avery and Teri to their hotel room, given he and Avery were not allowed to sleep in the same room or even kiss due to the rules of their culture and religion.

As a gift for his fiancee, Omar purchased multiple head scarves for her in different colors. He noted religion is important to him and he was proud Avery decided to covert on her own to build self-confidence rather than just following a religion since birth.

Teri thought Avery and Omar’s first meeting was sweet, but she anticipated there would be major cultural differences.

Both Avery and Omar were worried about there being conflict with Terri, because Omar didn’t want anything to stand in his way of getting married.

When Avery woke up her first morning in Lebanon, her wedding was two days away.

Avery, Teri and Omar therefore went wedding gown shopping together and picked out a beautiful, appropriate “Halal” dress for Avery to wear.

Teri was sad Avery was no longer ambitious and independent. She couldn’t believe Avery was okay with a man telling her what to do and what to wear, but Teri predicted Avery would grow tired of being submissive and then her relationship would fall apart.

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Avery said her mother didn’t embrace or understand how much she had changed her life when she had converted to Islam.

Teri was just afraid of how much control Omar was going to have over Avery’s life. Teri read a Muslim handbook, for example, and learned a man can hit his wife and the wife is a “prisoner” in her own home, which really disturbed her.

Omar joked he wouldn’t lay a hand on Avery as long as she was “nice,” but Teri said Avery was going to be mean more than she’d be nice.

But Avery didn’t think Omar was going to follow through with certain things the law allowed. Avery said hitting a woman would be disrespectful and Omar wasn’t that type of guy.

During Avery’s second full day in Lebanon, she learned Omar had let her down by not making any wedding plans. Omar apparently didn’t have a list of numbers, nor did he have a venue or priest booked for their ceremony, which was supposed to be the following day.

Omar insisted he had tried his best and didn’t get responses from people, but Avery wasn’t happy.

“I don’t know why Omar is dragging his feet. For me, all I want is to marry him, and so if I was in his position, I would be doing nothing, nonstop until I had a place and a time I’m getting married. I just hope Omar is everything I thought he was,” Avery told the cameras.

Teri was concerned that Omar didn’t have everything under control since he only had “one job” to do, but Avery said in a confessional she was going to marry him no matter what.

Teri then helped Avery and Omar find a mosque where they could get married. Teri knew the more she pushed back on Avery’s plans, the more she would push onward — so Teri decided to be supportive.

Teri said she wanted to be a part of Avery’s wedding no matter what.

Avery and Omar then had their first date night together away from Teri.

Avery said she looked forward to moving to Syria with him, but he was very worried she may not be able to adapt to life there.

“The situation in Syria, it’s different — the power, the water are all cut off all the time. It will be hard,” Omar explained. “As an American girl or someone from a different country, it’s going to be hard.”

Omar wanted Avery to move to Syria with him, but he wasn’t sure she’d be happy. He knew they would have to struggle in Syria, and he feared Avery might hate her life there and then leave him.

All Avery knew was that she didn’t want to be away from Omar for long. She didn’t want to wait to see him again after they tied the knot.

“I’m not going to wait years to see him. I know there’s a war in Syria and, yeah, that’s a little bit scary. But Omar is making do with it; I feel I can make do with it as well,” Avery said in a confessional.

Avery had her mind set and said she’d move in July, but she had yet to share this news with her mother.

Avery was well aware Teri would try to talk her out of her plans, and maybe even scream and cry.

Omar and Teri were then shown going out for lunch together, without Avery, because he wanted to talk to her about something.

Omar explained under Islamic law, a dowry is necessary, which is a mandatory payment to support the wife in case of divorce or her husband’s death.

Teri didn’t want to “sell” her daughter,” but Omar insisted the payment was just to support Avery. Omar said it was up to Teri to decide the amount, and so Teri threw out $10,000 as the amount.

Teri thought it was strange to put monetary value on her daughter, but she didn’t want to sell Avery short and decided to respect Omar’s culture. Omar, however, reminded Teri that he was a student and didn’t have much money.

Omar revealed if she and Avery got divorced, Avery would only walk away with eight percent of their earnings. Teri therefore stood by the fact $10,000 was appropriate.

But since she eventually learned Omar’s parents had asked for $6,000 for his oldest sister, Teri thought it was appropriate to ask for the same amount for Avery.

Teri wanted to make sure Omar was marrying for love and he didn’t view marriage as just a transaction.

Teri then told Omar that she feared Avery would try to run off with him instead of returning home to the United States, and then Omar broke the news something was going to be hard for her to hear.

Omar suggested if he didn’t get approved for a U.S. visa or the process ended up being very difficult, Avery would want to live somewhere else with him. But Teri said she would fight Avery moving to a different country “tooth and nail.”

The night before Avery’s wedding, Teri needed to have a talk with her because Teri felt Avery was “naive” and “easily manipulated.”

Avery told Teri that she definitely wanted to get married, but Teri suggested Omar had been looking for an American woman to marry and he swept her off her feet incredibly quickly.

Teri asked Avery if she thought Omar was using her for a visa, but Avery insisted that wasn’t the case and they didn’t necessarily have to live in America, as Dubai or Middle Eastern countries were options as well.

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Avery said once Omar began working as a periodontist, he’d be able to obtain a visa and they could live anywhere together. Avery was sick of people accusing Omar of putting on a show.

Avery insisted to Teri that Omar would live anywhere with her and his intentions were pure. Avery was tired of defending Omar all the time, and she wanted her mother to see their connection was “genuine.”

“Just because he’s Syrian does not mean he is using me,” Avery said.

Avery knew Teri was just trying to protect her, but Avery didn’t want to defend her love anymore.

“I’m marrying him tomorrow,” Avery insisted.

Teri hoped she was wrong and Omar would be a great partner and take care of Avery, but Teri said it was her job to make sure Avery is safe and no one would hurt her.

“Either I’m right or I’m right, and we’ll just have to see eventually,” Avery told the cameras of Omar’s motives.

Avery and Omar were then shown getting married after rushing around to receive approval from the Islamic court hours before their ceremony in a mosque.

Avery called Omar her best friend and soul mate. She didn’t care whether people thought she was crazy, including her own mother Teri.

Avery didn’t care about how small her wedding was or the fact only her mother was there — she said it was the wedding of her dreams.

Omar also said it was “a dream come true” to get married at the mosque, even though his own family couldn’t be there.

Teri wanted to be a witness for her daughter’s wedding but she wasn’t allowed to because a witness needed to be one man or two women. Teri didn’t think Avery understood what she was getting herself into.

Teri even felt like she was selling her daughter for $6,000, which was the dowry Omar had to pay to marry Avery.

Avery didn’t appreciate the rude comments her mother was making during her wedding ceremony, telling the cameras, “If my mom ruins my wedding, I will never forgive her.”

Avery was not able to exchange vows with Omar due to Islamic law and Muslim culture, but she was so thrilled to marry the love of her life. Both Avery and Omar were smiling ear to ear after the ceremony, and they both gushed about the joy and happiness they felt.

That joy quickly turned into dismay for Teri, however, when Avery revealed at dinner that night she’d be moving to Syria until Omar’s visa to move to the United States would be approved.

Teri was angry and terrified because Avery wouldn’t speak the language, nor was Syria a safe place for her to live. Teri said Avery couldn’t even go to an ATM without help and all she’d be able to do in Syria is be Omar’s housewife.

“Is it better now because they’re not gassing people?” Teri cried. “I don’t want her to be caught up in all that!”

Avery said she’d be moving to Syria regardless, and then Teri cut the dinner short and decided to leave and head to the airport to go home. Avery asked Omar to talk to Teri, but Teri ran off.

Avery was concerned this news would ruin her relationship with her mother forever.

Teri accused Avery of lying to her over and over again about her planned move to Syria. Avery apologized, but she said there was nothing Teri could do about it because she had made up her mind.

Avery said upon returning to the United States, she’d get a lawyer and apply for a marriage visa, but if the process takes longer than a year, she’d be moving to Syria.

Teri feared Avery could get hurt or would be in danger, but Omar said he’d never take his wife to a place where she would be unsafe. The couple simply didn’t want to split up after getting married.

Teri was crying, but she wanted her daughter to enjoy her wedding night. Teri therefore told the pair to celebrate being married and everything would be fine as long as Avery returned home in a few days.

“Now that I’ve met Omar, I’m glad she married him. I just don’t want her to live in Syria. When I get back to the United States, I’m going to do whatever I can to help him get a visa, but I don’t think she should move to Syria. I have a few months,” Teri said in a confessional.

“I’m hoping that I can talk her out of it. I’ll fight her tooth and nail. I’ll be there to stop her.”

Avery hated to see her mother leaving “sad and scared,” but Avery said she had her own life to live and she’s an adult at age 19. She wanted to start her life with Omar.

That night, Avery and Omar went into the same hotel room together. Avery said Omar was about to see her hair for the first time and they both hoped the night would be everything they had dreamed about.

The next day, Avery gushed about how her wedding night was perfect and Omar’s performance in bed was perfect. She felt closer to her husband and said they definitely “clicked,” but Omar admitted his first kiss was “weird.”

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Avery had five days left in Lebanon, and the pair still had to get to know each other better. As they shopped in different stores, Avery seemingly wanted to buy everything for their upcoming home together. Avery said she loves clothes, bags and perfume, but Omar just rolled his eyes.

Over lunch, Avery said she’s the type of person who dances in the street and is loud, but Omar said she must not behave that way when they’re in public together — regardless of whether they’re in his country or in the United States.

“You must stop it,” Omar said.

“No, I don’t,” Avery replied.

“I don’t like it when you dance in public,” Omar noted. “It’s not good to see girl dance in street… Wherever.”

Avery looked upset, but Omar said if she was going to be his wife in his culture, he’d have to tell her what is right and what is wrong.

“If we have an argument, she should be quiet,” Omar told the cameras, adding that his wife was headstrong.

“I’m never quiet. I don’t care to be quiet,” Avery said.

Did Avery and Omar’s relationship go downhill from there and lead to a split, or is the 90 Day Fiance couple still together?
After getting married on February 11, 2019, Avery and Omar appear to still be together but be living in Lebanon instead of Syria, where they had originally planned to live.

It appears the couple got married and chose to stay in Lebanon until Omar’s spousal visa gets approved since it’s currently a much safer place to live than Syria.

Avery and Omar currently share a joint Instagram account they’ve named “Omavery,” combining both of their first names.

The couple has also launched a new online store together, Albakourkouture.com.

The website reads, “Albakour Kouture is an online accessory store that’s built by a couple that found each other from 6,000 miles away. Omar is from Syria and Avery is from the United States. Avery traveled to Beirut, Lebanon to meet and marry Omar.”

“Avery fell in love with the beautiful handmade products made and sold in the middle east. Together they thought of Albakour Kouture an online store that will help people like you get your hands on one of kind items from the other side of the world!”

Avery initially hinted she’d be starting an online store in her Instagram Stories in late August.

“It’s an online store I am opening soon in Sha Allah… mostly selling accessories/fashion items from Middle East,” Avery wrote in an Instagram Stories posting in August.

“In Sha Allah” is not the name of a place or location but means “God willing” in Arabic.

Avery had asked fans what they’d like to buy in the store, and people gave them suggestions such as prayer rugs and hand-made soap.

Avery seemed to unintentionally disclose she’s living in Lebanon by replying, “That’s actually good. Lebanon has amazing olive oil soaps!!!”

She also clearly took Omar’s last name, Albakour, suggesting they are still married.

The Instagram account is also filled with happy photos of Avery and Omar.

On September 28, Avery posted a funny video of Omar trying to sing the song “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” and she captioned the post with three heart emojis.

Three days earlier, Avery shared a few photos from her wedding day.

And back on September 20, Avery posted a photo of the couple on a boat, and she was holding a red rose.

Avery also shared a cute, although blurry photo, of Omar and herself on September 16 and captioned it, “Polaroid Quality But tbh I love to keep photos like this in my wallet.”

Avery probably wouldn’t keep a photo like that in her wallet if they had broken up!

On September 14, Avery posted a selfie of Omar and herself and wrote alongside it, “I admire the ones who would Climb any mountain and swim any ocean to see the one they love,” with a red heart emoji.

That same day, Avery shared a photo from the day she first met Omar and teased their wedding as follows: “Either I’m naive or I’m right, guess we will just have to wait and see.”

And on September 10, Avery suggested she was still living in a different country other than the United States.

“‘Idk she hasn’t been Muslim in the summer yet’ proud to say the hijab never came off no matter how much I thought I was gonna have a heat stroke,” Avery captioned a photo of herself with a young girl.

In addition, Avery and Omar shared a couple of selfies of themselves on September 2 with no caption.

Fans can also see a variety of throwback pictures and the couple’s first selfie that were all posted in late August.

Some fans speculated whether Avery ended her relationship with Omar since she was recently photographed in New York City with her 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days co-stars and without Omar, but it seems she was only in New York to film the Tell All special that will air on TLC after the season finishes airing this fall.

It’s not a surprise Omar wouldn’t attend the Tell-All in-person with Avery given the restrictions the United States currently has in place for Syria citizens.

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