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50 Cent Roasts GF Cuban Link For Her Fancy Workout Shoes

by Iyzklez
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The ‘Power‘ Star/Creator Suggests That His Girlfriend Should Wear More Affordable Shoes During Her Workout Session, But The Fitness Guru Jokingly Implores Him To Buy Her Another Pair Of Chanel Shoes.

No one is safe from 50 Cent’s penchant of trolling, not even his girlfriend Cuban Link. The rapper/power isn’t into his lady’s recent choice of attire and he lets everyone know it by taking it to his Instagram page to roast her.

In a clip shared the “Power” creator/star, the fitness guru, whose real name is Jamira Haines, is seen working out at a gym while wearing a pair of Chanel shoes. Instead of commending her for her fit shape, Fifty criticized her for her fancy shoes.

Jokingly mocking the aspiring corporate lawyer, he wrote in the caption, “who told her ass to work out in Chanel sneakers.” He suggested some cheaper alternatives, adding, “what’s wrong with Nike’s @_cuban_link they come in every color.”

Having known her boyfriend’s sense of humor, Cuban commented on his post with a humorous reply, “daddy gona get me more pairs.” Fif couldn’t deny that he would fall into Cuban’s charm regardless his disapproval of her expensive wardrobe, responding to his girlfriend, “lol and you know it.”

But Cuban’s fancy workout shoes are pale in comparison to what Fifty’s son Sire has asked him for Christmas. The 44-year-old hip-hop star and entrepreneur recently revealed on the social media site that his youngest son wants entire Toys ‘R’ Us store as his Christmas gift.

In a video posted on Tuesday, December 3, Fif was in a car when he Facetimed his son Sire. “I want the whole store of Toys ‘R’ Us,” the 7-year-old boyt was heard saying in the clip. When Fif asked him for what, Sire reiterated what he said, leaving the rapper speechless and letting out a heavy sigh. He captioned the video, “what you want for Christmas, I WANT THE WHOLE STORE. ok I have to work harder what the f**k, the whole store.”

His girlfriend Cuban found the interaction funny, leaving several laughing emojis in the comment section. Another Instagram user encouraged Fif to fulfill his son’s desire, writing, “And you better get that baby the whole store.”

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