21 Savage Apologizes To Layzie Bone Over Migos Feud, Says Bizzy Bone

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The ‘A Lot’ Rapper May Have Apologized, But It Doesn’t Automatically Make The Whole Beef With Migos Disappear As Bizzy Takes A Jab At The ‘Walk It Talk It’ Rappers In A New Interview.

Earlier this year, Migos was involved in a beef with Bone Thugs-n-Harmony after the Atlanta trio claimed they were the greatest hip-hop group ever. 21 Savage was somehow dragged in the drama, but now Bizzy Bone claims that the “Bank Account” rapper has made attempt to make peace with his groupmate Layzie Bone.

“I heard that 21 Savage apologized to Layzie over the phone,” Bizzy said in a recent interview with Murder Master Music Show. “That’s the only thing I heard about the situation. I don’t even think it is one of those things you can really chop it up about. Well he apologized for saying he was gonna fuck his wife, and you still said, ‘N***a can’t pull out no M’s and that’s the last thing you said to the world.”

” ‘You n****s are old, you old a** n****s!’ Wait a minute b***h, I’m just about as old as you b***h, we look the same! I’m just saying these small little nitpicking things, when you golden and you legendary those kinda words just bounce off of you. It’s just something they’re saying now. They called Rakim ‘The God.’ How can you cheapen that?” he went on saying. “But you can cheapen the word ‘legend’ by adding ‘old head’ to it and then you add a little bit of ‘broke’ to it, when you add a little bit of money, that’s worse than a f***in’ rap diss.”

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21 might have apologized, but it didn’t automatically make the whole beef with Migos disappear. Bizzy slammed the trio by alluding that the only thing they had was their current wealth. “The only thing you can do is come back with $100,000 worth of jewelry on and pristine camera work and a pristine project that you get behind,” he mused. “That’s the only thing you can do after that. After someone says some shit like that and attacks your Hip Hop savvy, you can’t do nothing else but turn — what we call — all the way the f**k up my n***a.”

In December 2018, Bizzy made an Internet gold with his reaction when he learned that the cops were at his house during his bizarre Instagram Live broadcast. During the Live, he slammed both Migos and 21 while wielding a shotgun. “You think I’m playin’ with you, don’t you?” he said. “I’ll blow your muthaf***in’ head off. Let me tell you something. Let me tell you something. Who the f**k you think you talkin’ to? You ain’t the only n***a with guns.”

His sesssion was later interrupted as someone told him, “The police is at the door.” His face was visibly shocked as he appeared to mouth the word, “What?” before picking up the shotgun and ending the livestream.

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